A Great Awakening

David is an entrepreneur, experiencer, president of Above Duality LLC and co-founder of the Age of Pandora Podcast. With a military background and family ties to British intelligence, he has spent the majority of his life in study of the esoteric truths largely held back from the general populous.

Quietly living two lives, David has been on the front line of building and growing a number of companies across the world, whilst in the background pursuing a fascination with the secret space program that began in 2009. Staging a ‘walk away’ from his traditional businesses in early 2018, he now runs Above Duality full time, a platform for delivering comic truths to the masses.

Through The Age of Pandora Podcast he, and co-founder Kiara Windrider, spend their time interviewing some of the biggest names in the great awakening community. Laura Eisenhower, Patricia Cori, Magenta Pixie, Simon Parkes, Sacha Stone and many more. 

As an affiliate and student of the teachings of the ascended masters, David attends and speaks at various workshops across North America and is a regular attendee at Jeff Dunphy’s Retooling the World seminars and courses. To book David please click HERE or email him directly at david@aboveduality.com

Given the amount of requests, David cannot promise to get back to everyone but will endeavour to do so within 7 days.

Cosmic blessings,

Above Duality Team