The Age of Pandora

‘A light is returning to the Earth of such intensity so as to pierce all things and that no shadow may enter into it’s presence.’  – Jesus ‘The Christ’

Welcome beloved friends of the Earth. It is a sacred time. The Age of Pandora is upon us and very little can stop our golden, untethered steps toward it. For we are not a flower fading with the seasons, but an infinite bloom, from which a new age will spring fourth and ALL things shall be possible to the beholder of pure, unfettered knowing.

In this ongoing series Kiara Windrider & David Sherjan (and great friends)  have teamed up to take you from 3D to 5D. Centred through the Age of Pandora’s YouTube platform, David, Kiara and friends will take you on a journey of ancient modalities, mystery schools and ascension tools in preparation for the higher density plains that we journey swiftly towards. Join us in love as we prepare…for the Age of Pandora.

David & Kiara

David Sherjan
Western Canada

Hello my name is David and this is Above Duality! I use this platform to share my metaphysical thoughts and findings from across the world. Follow our daily updates and discover with me the essence of being!

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