The Age of Pandora

In the movie Avatar there is depicted a highly energetic planet, Pandora. The indigenous population of Pandora are consciously connected to the planet and trained to become so from an early age.

As we head through 2020 there is a timeline shift occurring whereby all lower vibrational life will be either; held into continuation of 3D ways of life or guided to move into higher frequencies. This ‘guidance’ will likely equate to gradual repeated incarnations through the ‘death’ cycle until higher frequencies are achieved and ready to be held in physical form (incarnation), steering that soul into the New Earth. This will be a graded process.

Kiara Windrider, David Sherjan and a plethora of high vibrational souls are being brought together at this time to prepare those that are ready, to build the New Earth, AKA The Age of Pandora here on our very own Gaia. We welcome all those who’ve made the ascension choice with loving, open arms and await those yet to choose with compassion and intrigue.