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Archangel Michael – Where Do You Stand?

January 30, 2021

Are you aware that you are experiencing the physical reality for all those great beings of the higher realms including the Supreme creator, because they are too vast to step their energy and consciousness into the gross denseness of your physical reality? Realize dear ones, believe this if nothing else. It is true as never before; every thought, deed and action is adding to or detracting from your enlightenment or ascension process and it can affect not only you but your soul family, your higher self in your world. You must realize once and for all you are not a separate isolated being, you are not sovereign within yourself you are a facet of the whole. A cell within the heart of the creator and you affect all the rest of creation, either positively or negatively. You wield great power and you have a most wondrous opportunity as never before to make a difference to fulfill your divine mission, to be a Co creator of a paradise world with all the other splendid beings of light. Please do not let this unusual opportunity pass, it is so simple beloved friends.

First, love yourself unconditionally and then extend that same love to all humanity. Practice the gentle middle way of moderation in all things. Become totally nonjudgmental allowing each and every individual to find his/her own truth and follow his/her own path of destiny. Live in joy, peace and harmony, becoming immune to any discordant energies around you. Envision your own perfect picture of paradise on earth and then follow the nudgings of spirit which will assist you in bringing your dream to fruition. You have more cosmic energy available to you than ever before and you have more assistance from the higher realms than ever before, but you must do your part by anchoring this energy of your physical vessel and then through your own thought process in action, to bring this vision down from the etheric realms into the physical expression. This is alchemy! Many of you are evolving so quickly as you move through the subtle levels of the higher dimensions and you are having a difficult time focusing on your everyday mundane chores. It is if you have your feet planted on earth and your consciousness is half in and half out of the physical body. It is very important that you stay grounded and anchored now. For many of you this will soon change however, as a number of you are about to take that leap into consciousness whereby you will be able to function simultaneously on a multi dimensional spiritual physical plane, while still interacting normally in the ‘old’ world.

Only those who are gaining this ability will know the difference, however you will see things as much more serene or do things more efficiently and with more vitality with a greater capacity for love than before. Many of the ascended Masters now walking the earth are quiet unassuming gentle folk; there are those who are destined to become great speakers and bearers of the new knowledge and wisdom of this time and those who are destined to perform miracles for the masses but by and large most of these beautiful souls will go quietly and serenely about their mission spreading peace love and comfort. Where do you stand in this panorama of the shimmering new reality that is emerging on the horizon of your world? Only you can decide. We offer our wisdom, our love protection and support but you must take your dream and bring it to reality. I am Archangel Michael. So be it

Ronna Vezane, On Wings of Light: Book 1



David Sherjan
Western Canada

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