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Becoming a Cosmic Telepath & a World Server

January 28, 2021

Wisdom is the science of spirit, knowledge is the science of matter. You are the recepticals and tributaries of the river of life on the physical plane of existence. You came to earth to be a light under the world of form. Leaders must represent all the people impartially and justly. Leaders must have a vision, a specific goal, in order to bring their creations to fruition. Leaders must have the strength and clarity of a vision which determines its outcome. A leader must be willing to boldly and clearly set the highest standards for others to follow. A leader must be open minded and willing to listen to the positive suggestions of others with the understanding that the highest and best choice for the good of all will prevail. A leader must be humble and not ego driven.

A true leader will admit to an error or mistake. A confident leader is enraptured, lives lightly and does not take life too seriously. Always remember that God is joyful. A leader must develop a detached impartial attitude. When you begin to awaken to the intelligence of your soul and your sacred mind, your power to become a positive force within the world increases at least 100 fold. Once you awaken to the god spark within your Sacred Heart you will never again be placed in circumstances which are insurmountable. You will always experience tests, challenging circumstances, to help you awaken to the great potential within and to move beyond the illusion of the astral plane. When you have heard and answered the Clarion call of your own soul, nothing can stop you from seeking the path which leads to enlightenment. It is important that you understand that telepathic communication is not to be taken lightly. Your endeavors must be accompanied by a desire to serve and to produce creative works which will benefit all. It is important that you train your conscious mind to recognize different forms and symbols that your subconscious and superconscious mind may present to you. Nonverbal communication via symbols and pictures is an important facet of relaying thoughts mind to mind.

You must learn how to transform you distorted creations through the use of transmuting the Violet flame. You may then draw forth the adamantine particles of creator light and through your pure intention create abundance, peace, good health, loving relationships and all good things. You must always strive to preserve your mental integrity and maintain your emotional serenity. The laws of universal understanding go beyond and supersede the laws of humanity. Cosmic law does not distinguish between race gender, colour or early circumstance. At this time there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in evolution are having their awakening evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the world, in order to act as transmitters and interpreters of universal law and cosmic truth. There is a complex, all-inclusive, plan for the earth and humanity and all levels of consciousness there-in. Each dimension and it’s 7 sub dimensions contain certain harmonic frequency levels. These sound harmonics contain creator light, the adamantine particles of light, life contained conscious cosmic laws, and information that are unique to the sub dimension level. Each sublevel contains the refined truth of the levels below it but not the light frequency, attributes, qualities and knowledge above it.

Becoming a Cosmic Telepath And a World Server – Ronna Vezane (lesson4)



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