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March 25, 2020
“All the stars and spheres possess a soul, knowledge, and intellect. They are alive and stand in recognition of the One who spoke and [thus brought] the world into being.” – Rambam

The human body is really quite incredible when you take the time to study it’s systems and processes. It really is quite magical. It has almost a mind bending magic that keeps you and I alive, endlessly and tirelessly. Here is a handful of examples:

  • The human heart will beat 3 billion times in an average persons lifetime and it will do so by itself. As an involuntary muscle, you currently have no conscious control of beating your own heart. So it does it all by itself? Yes! 
  • The human brain has a 4TB capacity
  • 50K cells died and were re-birthed by new ones while you were reading this sentence
  • The total length of all the blood vessels in the human body would be enough to stretch around the WORLD twice. Almost three times actually
  • Human skin is completely replaced about 1,000 times during a person’s lifetime

This list is almost inexhaustible. I am sharing this for good reason; where else can you go to experience such miracles and magic of often inexplainable science? Yes, throughout Mother natures eco-systems. So, if teeny tiny little human beings have such miraculous things happen in their body and their body is powered by a soul, what in the name of cold cauliflowers makes you think that a planet, that does things on a scale of magic several times that of the average human body, doesn’t have a soul? I mean, what’s it powered by? Begs an interesting question doesn’t it? Before we skip on further, I’d like to direct you toward this video of a channelling performed by Elisa Medhus, M.D. who demonstrates connecting with Earth’s primary consciousness. If you do a little research on Elisa, she’s a highly credible individual with innate psychic abilities. I have no doubt that she’s communicating with a higher consciousness in this video, take a look:

It’s Quantum Mechanics Again: Everything Organic Needs a Power Source

And some things in-organic as we know; cars, computers, phones etc. Before we open the box here, take a listen to a great little fireside chat on topics of quantum energy and consciousness between Vishen Lakhiani and the Director of Research at The Reasonance Foundation, Nassim Haramein. Some topics covered:

  • What exactly consciousness is
  • If we can equate consciousness to God
  • How to tap into a higher level of consciousness and self-awareness

And more!

Fireside With Nassim Haramein On The Nature Of Reality And Consciousness

Now that Nassim has you up to speed somewhat, it’s important to re-state that everything organic needs a power source that’s a form of consciousness. Everything. Even a single cell amoeba. The larger the organic body, the larger the power source (consciousness) that’s needed. I can’t think of an exception to that rule at time of writing so let’s continue here; if this is indeed the case and, I believe it is, what’s powering Mother Earth and her quite substantial self correcting eco-systems and natural processes? You can’t believe that everything is happening by chance and co-incidence surely? Let’s take a minute to look at some natures most fascinating facts of nature:

  • In 24 hours, at least two living things will obtain their supply of oxygen throughout the day from just one tree
  • Also in 24 hours, 7 Earthquakes and 18,000 storms will occur on the planet
  • Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, dating back nearly 5000 years

Also, take a look at the following works comparing nature with humanity by Alicja Brodowicz, it makes you think doesn’t it? There are some remarkable similarities no? Pure co-incidencence? 

Let’s face it light warriors, there’s enough there to make you think about other forces at play other than mere chance. Let’s entertain the connection for a moment. So, you understand and hopefully believe that the human body is driven by an eternal soul. It then follows by such logic that given the unquestionable similarities between the human body and nature (and adjacently remarkable processes), the Earth must have an intelligent force driving it. These are just a handful of examples from surface level research by the way. I could post over a thousand examples. These from Monica Carvalho are a little more fun shall we say:

Whilst a gnat more manipulated, there’s also some really interesting connectable factors above. If you want a little more fun, look at these on the right. COME ON GUYS AND GALS! You’re starting to get it aren’t you? You’re starting to see the the same creator of man’s DNA was the same creator with the same paintbrush that created nature, Earth, The Universe and so on. If this is the case, then you have to accurately assume that souls were also created by a divine force. The same divine creator? Of course silly. And so, if the divine creator created the human soul and it powers the human body AND the similarities between natures events/processes and the human body are too similar to deny, you have to come to the conclusion that a similar divine power source (planetary soul) is making the planet move and shake. You HAVE to.  It’s ok I found some more examples just to set in concrete that nature and humans are far too similar to not have the same things powering them. These from Agnieszka Lepka:

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