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Pleaidian Energy Update: The Changing of The Guard

February 1, 2021


Across the planet, there has been steady growth in the number of people who have begun to believe differently. These people have awareness of, or communicate with, lifeforms from other places. They see a spiritual evolution that goes beyond this lifetime. The members of this current minority are aware of the inherent sacredness of all things. They are opening to their own God Presence as well as communication with angels, guides, and Ascended Masters. These awakening ones have chosen a path toward self-realization, enlightenment, and/or ascension. Though this group is by far a small minority, we who are members of this group are growing in numbers all the time, and we are finding a louder and louder voice in this world. The paradox of spiritual evolutionaries living in a capitalistic evolutionary society is becoming more and more obvious. It will continue to become even more so as time marches on at an ever-accelerating pace. We have become a spiritual movement in a nonspiritual society.

This spiritual movement takes many forms: professionals leaving organized religions to discover meditation and introduce it in the workplace; societal dropouts; alternative healing professions; spiritual workshops, tapes, books, and meditation groups; worldwide prayers and meditations for peace; and most importantly, individuals like you and me who are questioning the value of living in a world like this one and are exploring the alternatives both internally and externally in our lives. We are exploring these alternatives by examining our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are asking questions of ourselves: Does what I do harm anyone else or the planet in any way? Would I want my thoughts or judgments to create my reality or anyone else’s? Am I ready to care more about my impact on Earth, people, and other lifeforms than I do about getting ahead at all costs? Am I trying to control the people and circumstances of my world, or am I living in alignment with the ideals of sovereignty for all—”win/win” instead of “may the best man win”? Do I genuinely care about and feel compassion (not sympathy) for others, whether I know them or not? Do I pray for my chosen enemies, or curse them and wish them harm? Do I forgive, or blame and hold grudges?

The list of questions could go on and on, but the point is that we all need to take responsibility for how we are creating and cocreating reality every moment of our lives with every thought and action. “It’s time now” to take a spiritual inventory and plan where we go from here. Our impact on one another and the world, in general, is a fact. In order to spiritually evolve on our planet from this point forth, we must take that fact into consideration and let it matter deeply. We can no longer create autonomously at the expense of others without suffering ourselves. The spiritual laws have been changing and are continuing to change. We are now required not only to be “decent, good folks,” but to live impeccably every moment of our lives. The time for psychic fascination, intellectual, or slow, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow” spirituality is over. These comments are not intended to scare, judge, or intimidate anyone—just to offer some simple spiritual reality updates. This was in the last millennium. What we do now with ourselves, our relationships and our lives will determine this millennium’s inheritance.

The Pleiadians through Amorah Quan Yin

David Sherjan
Western Canada

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