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February 17, 2021
The Magic Box – 8
By Kiara Windrider (February 18, 2021)

There’s two very different political narratives going on right now, each one sounding absolutely insane to the other. On the one hand we have the mainstream narrative where Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the USA, where the psychopathic orange man has been finally defeated, and we have stepped back into a timeline of hope for humanity and the world.

On the other hand we have a narrative where the election was stolen, and the Deep State seems to have won, but a faction within the military that is well aware of this has covertly taken the reins of governance under a soft version of martial law, and is in the process of arresting Deep State players who will soon be subject to military tribunals. All will soon be revealed, and Trump solidly put back in power to continue draining the swamp.

It is our perceptions of each other that make us devils or angels, usually taking the form of assumptions and projections. There is a perception among those who consider themselves liberals that Trump, along with all his supporters, is the worst thing that ever happened to America, blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong with the country or the world. Conservatives blame liberals for exactly the same things. In times of crisis we look for an enemy we can blame, and in this we have been easily manipulated. What if our enemy is not what we think, but a much more sinister force that many people are not even aware of?

What is real? I have my own version of reality, as does everyone else, but because I have made it my practice to question EVERYTHING I am told, I am left with far more questions than I can find adequate answers for.  If the election was truly stolen, and if there is incontroversial proof of this, why is this proof not being made available to people? What happened to the invisible watermark and the sting operation, or to the Hammer and Scorecard fraud? What about Dominion voting machines, and the servers confiscated by the white hats in Germany? What happened with the AT&T sting operation in Nashville? What about the thousands of affidavits and dozens of court cases? What about Sidney Powell and her Kraken? What happened with Hunter Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s laptops? Why is all this information not being revealed?

We are asked to be patient, and to trust the plan. Fine, I am willing to be patient, and trust this plan, as long as I can be sure about whom I am trusting. But what if all this has been a giant psyop for keeping the truth under wraps? What’s really going on behind the scenes? Are we looking at a Biden/Harris administration for the next four years, where the Deep State consolidates all the losses it has suffered during the past four years, and proceeds with its globalist plan for eugenics, financial enslavement, endless wars, and totalitarian mind control?

Why aren’t we seeing some high level arrests taking place? Why isn’t proof of election fraud being disseminated? Why has the vaccine agenda not been exposed? Why aren’t people asking more meaningful questions, even within the alternative media? Why are key dates constantly coming and going without much being visibly revealed?

It’s like living on two different planets. For many decent people genuinely following the mainstream narrative, there is no indication that things are NOT the way they seem. For other decent people following the alternative version, there is the sense of living inside a rabbit hole which seems to go down forever. What is real?

I had an intense dream last night where I was identified with Alexander the Great. My vast armies were not being deployed in the surface world, however, but in underground passageways, fighting a hidden enemy. I woke up from the dream with a strong realisation that the real battle of these times is being fought beneath the surface. It is being fought in a metaphysical realm for the awakening of human hearts and minds. And it is being fought literally underground, with the coordinated rescue of tens of thousands of children who have been used as the lifeblood of Deep State satanic rituals.

I am referring to the horror of ritualised child abuse, murder, and cannibalism, which cannot be adequately understood by those who have not been exposed to it. Whether the extent of this will ever be revealed publicly I do not know, but there is credible evidence that the role of the military at this stage has not been about exposing election fraud so much, but about removing the roots of a satanic power that has sustained the Deep State for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Worldwide covid lockdowns have provided the necessary cover for this.

I hesitate to speak more openly about this, but I invite people on both sides of the fence to do their own research. Holding a big picture perspective means not getting too rigidly locked into any one position, and attuning to a deeper level of awareness and discernment. It means to understand that there is a timing involved which can only be seen in retrospect. It means seeing things which may be invisible as long as we rigidly adhere to any of the narratives we are being told.

Ultimately, there is a third narrative that is emerging for some. What if this entire drama is about graduating from an either/or perspective to a both/and perspective in which there are no good guys and no bad guys, no winners or losers, a perspective where we can finally see the other within ourselves, and go beyond duality itself? What if we can fully engage in truth-seeking in a third dimensional world, while at the same time anchored within the Self beyond all forms of division?

What if we are not afraid of asking difficult questions from fear of being confronted by another version of truth? The angel as well as the devil lives within all of us. Our need to project the other side as all evil and our own side as all good is itself the root of our collective fear and darkness. We are at a stage where it is just as important to look at our inner denials, projections and fears, as to confront the outer forms of darkness represented by the Deep State.

I have no doubt we will eventually win. Indeed, in many ways this has already been accomplished and the Deep State is imploding from within. But I am reminded of a key dialogue from ‘Ender’s Game’. A young man with exceptional tactical skills is induced to play a simulation war against an alien enemy. It turns out he has been deceived, and what he assumed was only a simulation was an actual attack. “WE WON, that’s what matters,” exults the military commander as an entire race of aliens gets wiped out. “NO,” retaliates Ender in horror, “It’s the way we win that matters.”

What if winning is not about overcoming dissent or imposing a politically correct world view on everyone else, but to grow up as a human race? We are not just here to wipe out shadowy agendas of enslavement, fear and control within an externalised Deep State, but also within our own psyches. Perhaps this is what waking up truly means in our ongoing journey of human evolution.