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The Great Awakening, Silent Wars & A New Eden with David Sherjan & Nicole Frolick

April 24, 2020

From enLIGHTenUP Podcast: David Sherjan from Above Duality shares his perspective on the Great Awakening and what it means for humanity during these uncertain times. We discuss all topics around duality including the role of the Dark Forces, how integral they are to exploring our own mastery and most of all the birth of Christ Consciousness. With all of the fear around Covid-19, I ask David what his views on vaccinations are as a potential cure. Was this always part of the plan? And when it comes to health, what is one of the most important aspects David suggests to get clear on before asking any questions? All of this and more in episode 147!

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David Sherjan
Western Canada

Hello my name is David and this is Above Duality! I use this platform to share my metaphysical thoughts and findings from across the world. Follow our daily updates and discover with me the essence of being!

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