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March 28, 2019

Significant Changes to Your Life are Coming

In order for me to share with you what I am about to, I need you to do something for me. I need you to let go of the image you currently have of the way the world works and why it works that way. Can you do that? Let’s continue…

There is a shadow war being waged, it’s likely you don’t know about it and no this isn’t the pilot intro to a Netflix Original. Some context is needed here before me make the jump to light speed; how have so many hard, way of life changing truths come out across humanity’s history? As you likely know, through whistleblowers and underground journalists risking life and limb to get the truth out to the public. More than I can remember in fact. I write to you not for recognition nor accolade but because The Great Awakening needs your help. NOW. Your very freedom literally depends on it and YES you CAN make a difference. Becoming aware of very REAL secret systems and their associated controllers is step one in The Great Awakening’s direction, but it cannot stop there. You must share what you know, however you can, with whomever you can once you’re happy with what the truth is for you. We’re winning but the war is far from over. I write to you on the cusp of ultimate victory and angelic freedoms that you may find hard to believe, headed humanities way BUT we’re not there yet. I am extremely buoyed by what seems to be happening behind the scenes and if you’re reading this, my goal is not to cause lasting fear with conveying some of the following truths but to empower & equip you with the knowledge to march forward together. In confidence. In love. In light. In service to your fellow man/woman, as humanity moves toward a golden age. Friends, we are so very close.

Where we go one, we go all. If that’s a familiar saying to you, you’re likely well aware of The Great Awakening. If both terms are new, read on, we’ve much to discuss. Essentially the title says it all. (Earth) humanity in it’s approximately 4th seeding, is headed for an age and associated elevation in consciousness of epic (ascension) proportions. I don’t know how long I’ve been tracking the UFOlogy and suppressed disclosure of the Secret Space Program narratives but when you have a Father who was formerly embedded in MI6, you know you’re going to have a thirst for hidden truth right out of primary school.

“Let’s cut right to it, over the next some x5 years, EVERYTHING you’ve come to know as reality is going to be thrown into question…”

According to a number of credible sources I’m aligned to, disclosure of a number of world changing secrets has been agreed to be unveiled in layers over the coming 12-24-48 months. Let’s cut right to it; over the next some x5 years, EVERYTHING you’ve come to know as reality is going to be thrown into question. So what are these layers of disclosure I’m talking about? Let’s dive in. The following, I believe, are some of the key elements to be aware of with the impending, life changing revelations that are to be subtly seeding the mainstream consciousness over the coming months/years and, in fact, have already begun to. Buckle in, train’s leaving:

1. Disclosure of The Secret Space Program & Advanced Tech.

The what now? According to a multitude of sources including; highly credible, vetted insiders, the US Air Force, the US Navy and now even the main stream media (gulp yes I know), governments worldwide and their adjacent militia possess technology that’s literally out of this world and have done for some time in secret, ‘black projects’. Off the back of the US Air Force’s December 2019 announcement that the Secret Space Program will officially now be declassified this year (2020), it is apparent that through a system of compartmentalized black projects, a smorgasbord of advanced technologies have been in operation from as far back as the 1930’s, likely earlier. Although origins of the Secret Space Program and this black technology have yet to be confirmed, it’s safe to assume that we’ve had this advanced technology for decades. According to dozens of secret space program insiders, and most recently the Navy, UFO’s are real and they’ve been here for a LONG TIME.

Although the faltering, flaccidly controlled main stream media doesn’t stretch it’s admittance to the fact extraterrestrials are also here and have been embedded in society, governments and black programs since the time of the Nazis (and MUCH earlier – watch Captain America for some tasty treats of throw back WW2 disclosure), any human being of 1st grade intelligence is going to ask the question, well if unidentified flying objects are here and they’re not man made…who made them and where did they come from? It’s notable that the equally limp ‘main stream media journalists’ have yet to ask that question to the powers that be with any discernable weight. For those of us that have been studying this topic for years, it’s an all too familiar partial disclosure but we must agree that the layers of disclosure are vital to ensure public awakening collateral. Patience friends. If you haven’t already seen David Wilcock’s latest video talking about the recently released ‘operable’ patents for both zero point (free energy) and schematics for the HAUC craft, this is a must watch and will both guide and equip you toward your own further research. Watch it below. I believe it’s also worth reading Wilcock’s lead in article which is packed with useful info prior to watching the below.

In modern times (the last 100 some years), we have never had such admittance by so many mainstream sources and when you put all the pieces together, it’s obvious to a even back forest sloth with dementia onset that there is now an intentional plan to disclose the Secret Space Program to the masses. For a more unveiled commentary of the Secret Space Program, I would HIGHLY recommend watching William Tompkins’ testimony on Kerry Cassidy’s YouTube channel Project Camelot, recorded in 2016. Kerry’s tireless work on disclosure of the Secret Space Program is in my opinion unparalleled and helped me greatly in my awakening which I’ve now managed to date back to 2011. Be warned, these are for the slightly more, shall we say, hardened truthers. Watch the two part episodes here:


Keep a (VERY) Close Eye on America’s Space Force

As I have been creeping back to my keys in various intervals to write this aggressively long article, so much continues to change and fast! Forgive me if I miss something, I literally can’t keep up with the narrative which is actually an extremely good thing. The Space Force isn’t just ‘official‘, it now has a VERY Star Trek esq. logo. Come on, what are the chances that Gene Rodenberry’s infamous and ongoing big screen masterpiece, depicting man’s journey through the stars in a quest to serve the galactic good, nonchalantly showcasing advanced technology that you and I would think as magic (yet so many insiders from black projects have spoken of as actual technology that they’ve both used and seen in action), now has an official, real life, Space Force branch of the military in the works and the logo is virtually a copy of Star Trek’s Starfleet Command logo. Co-incidence? Conspiracy theory? Guys and gals come on, pull your head out of the sand – it’s clear something is going on here. It does seem apparent that Trump’s recent announcement and unveiling (+ funding) of the sixth branch of the military The US Space Force, is going to become a platform for some beefy disclosure kicking off in 2020. For so many of us in the disclosure community, it’s going to provide some soul cleansing relief from friends and family who have sneered and giggled at our ‘conspiracy theories’ from behind their full plate of nano infested holiday grub for as long as we can remember. Get ready to become a ‘go to’ source of sci fi (real life) information. I mean it. Compassion compassion compassion.

Why Does All This Matter to you?

So, big deal, hidden technologies get released to the masses. Yes, it is a BIG DEAL and here’s why. The release of zero point or ‘free energy’ patents and their device related implementation mainstream, will now pave the way toward a future without money. And quicker than you think. WHAT?! You heard me right; zero point energy will soon replace fossil fuel energy jetting us off this petro dollar system and teleporting us into an age of quantum technology and travel. Literally. If that sounds like a difficult truth to get behind, remember the first really modern car was brought into light by Mercedes in early 1900’s. Do you think that over the last 100+ years of science and engineering that virtually NO ascension in combustion has been accomplished? I highly encourage you to study Nikola Tesla’s work and how his death curiously coincides with the rise of the modern car. Follow the money and you’ll find the essence of how the deep state tentacles began to take hold of modern man.

I have it on decent back channel authority that zero point energy is right now, sneakily being integrated into everyday technologies you and I use. In fact this is likely the best way to seed the mass consciousness into major change, a little brick at a time over time and a year later you have a house. This technique has been utilized for centuries (and likely longer) when it comes to significant changes to infrastructure affecting the mass populous. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the suppressed until now technologies and their likely real life applications, that are widely known to be soon released:

    1. Zero Point Energy Devices – Electricity production and delivery (to your home) will become initially very low cost and in the medium to long term, free. With the US Navy, for the first time in modern history, declassifying ‘operable’ patents for both anti-gravity and free-energy technologies and now the US Air Force declaring that 2020 will see disclosure of the Secret Space Program, expect your future to look a little different
    2. Replicators – Seen Star Trek? According to a plethora of insider testimonies, we have had food replicators for some time in black projects. Instant delivery of any meal, GMO, nano, human fetal cells etc free will become a mainstay in every home. Although I can’t find the article, Forbes recently announced that we can literally print ANYTHING from thin air. Of course those that understand the quantum realm (micro) know that this refers to quantum driven 3D printers. Remember that a general rule of thumb is that anything that’s unveiled in the public domain is often hundreds if not thousands of years behind the tech that’s actually being used in these Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPS). Here’s an interesting piece on 3D printing houses.
    3. Medical Tech. (Med-pods) – Say goodbye to virtually all disease and a total overhaul of the current medical system. When you understand what movies are and WHY they are, you look at offerings from the big screen a little differently. They are literally littered with purposeful disclosure. Wait until you find out how much the three letter agencies are involved with scripts and screenwriting, I believe this will soon be exposed in the mainstream. Many movies over the last two decades have shown us glimpses of what multiple Secret Space Program insiders have already confirmed about medical technology they’ve physically experienced working in this covert programs. One of my favourites that fits the description was from the movie Elysium. The medical technology that we are to see coming and that we actually have in these programs make our best, current, medical facilities look like a leper’s burrito wrap.
    4. Quantum Travel – Did you think all those flying cars and teleport/stargate devices in movies were a simple fiction? Think again. In fact, I have it on decent authority that anti-gravity vehicles are soon if not already in proto-type esq. production. I believe David Wilcock also talks about this in his feature above. Perhaps they are planning an unveil as part of major ‘Space Force’ disclosures in the next 12-24 months. I highly encourage ALL reading this to get a hold of Ashyana Deane’s Voyagers books for extremely detailed insights into the stargate highway that Earth is part of including, what the physical technology actually is and how it functions. Volume 1 & Volume 2 are here. I have found Ashyana’s work on ascension mechanics (and the history of Earth humans) to be the most comprehensive works available today and a must read for ALL on the Great Awakening Path. As we enter deeper into frequencies/densities above duality, many Earth humans not currently able will also find their ESP abilities taken to a whole new level, unlocking; bio-location, astral exploration/travel, telepathic & telekinetic, quantum healing powers and more.

There’s more to list here but I’ve too much more to cover in this article that’s already likely to hit ‘mini-novel’ status. I’ll spare you. For now.

2. Disclosure of the Extra Terrestrial Element.

“Multiple races of extraterrestrials have been here on Earth for some time and the truth has been kept from the masses. It’s now virtually irrefutable and soon to be officially disclosed.”

Men in Black was a documentary. Multiple races of extraterrestrials have been here on Earth for some time and the truth has been kept from the masses. It’s now virtually irrefutable and soon to be officially disclosed. Conspiracy no more. Those who have been; following Ufology for years, researching insider testimony of the dozens and dozens of Secret Space Program insiders, had their own first hand ‘contact’ experiences, see this as old news. We already know. Aside from the nearly ten thousand hours of research I have put into researching the Secret Space Program over the years, I have personally had a variety of contact experiences with our galactic cousins ranging from telepathic interfacing to having, on average, x2 craft sightings a week up near the Banff region of Western Canada. The average person just doesn’t spend much time looking up, let alone studying the sky in search of craft. If they did, they would likely see what I do. I highly encourage people to take a look at Peter Maxwell Slattery’s archive of UFO footage. At time of writing I believe it’s the largest works on the planet. 

It’s not fully known how many races are officially here full time vs. purely visitation based sightings but the races you should know about right now as it relates to impending disclosures are:

Service to self = negativeService to others = positive

  • The Draco (largely service to self – negative),
  • The Reptillians (largely service to self and subservient to the Draco),
  • The Greys/Zeta Reticulans (some service to self and some service to others – there are a number of different types),
  • The Annunaki (both service to self and service to others. Very prominent during Egyptian times and it is widely believed that they still lead the illuminati’s bloodline)
  • The Pleiadians (also known as the Nordics, they are largely service to others and helping humanity a great deal behind the scenes),
  • The P’ntl (pronounced ‘ponty’ – service to others group from Zeta Reticuli based underground in New Mexico)
  • Mantid beings (widely service to others and despite their insectoid type appearance, have a documented track record of angelic interactions with people)

It’s important to note that there are both positive and negative elements to every species. Just like here on Earth when it comes to people and their native origins, our galactic friends must be experienced on a case by case basis. Only once you make the transcendence into higher dimensions (5th, 6th, 7th and beyond densities) will you very rarely, if ever, encounter negative beings. Frequency differences simply won’t allow it. I will be assembling a full catalogue/index of known ET races in a later works which will be an ongoing project as their are likely billions. Check out the How Many ExtraTerrestrials Are Here Right Now article for a deeper dive.

3. Disclosure of the Shadow Government

The Deep State

This is going to be a life changer for many so buckle in. Across time there have been numerous iterations of shadow government control. A government faction within the operational government of a country operating mostly without known government oversight and/or regulation. in shorter terms, a compartment of control that runs the world based on their own agenda that the in power government is actually subservient to.

1945-1950, President Truman (centre right), the Roswell crash, enter the formation of the organization known as MACJIC. This is extremely important and especially so to understand how the Secret Space Program has been hidden from the masses. According to dozens and dozens of insiders (including William Tompkins’s testimony above), MAJIC (Majestic 12), was a human run control group created after the well known Roswell crash in 1947. Majestic-12 (taking a number of different names over the decades) that many believe is still operational today, is comprised of a collection of high ranking military and government operatives that were originally brought together under the overview of President Truman, to investigate everything UFO. Crash retrieval, whistleblowers, UFO related interactions and more.

But what happens when a group of high calibre operatives are brought together to manage the most important topic in modern history? Thirst for control takes over. This is exactly what happened following president Eisenhowers’ appointment as US president when he supposedly lost control. Shortly after, everything on the UFO topic went black. I still believe that Steven Greer’s Unacknowledged is a must watch to understand how this group came to power and grew to become a significant force within the deep state. What’s important to know about the DS, is that they have infiltrated most arenas at the top level. Government, Main Stream Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hollywood, The Music Indsutry, The FDA and on and on and on. It can be assumed and fairly easily researched that anything and everything that supplies products/services to the masses across the globe, has been infiltrated at the O2 thin levels and highest ranks of leadership throughout these entities.

4. Operation ‘Paperclip’ – The Nazi Wizards

A quick note, Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion just posted something which nudged me into including it here. It’s extremely important to bring back into memory operation/project paperclip which went down right after WW2 in the late 1940’s. OPC was essentially a classified operation to excavate the Nazi’s top personnel out of Germany and into a variety of black projects and covert programs. This included top engineers all the way up to top intelligence operatives. If you’re looking for a school project, compare how the Nazi propaganda campaigns parallel the mainstream media’s techniques to brainwash society today. They are remarkably similar and for good reason. I have it on trusted sources that this forced migration was not only successful but a number of countries received key Nazi personnel. I believe the USA got the lions share. Now, these aren’t necessarily all bad/evil intentioned people so take heart BUT they have been used for various nefarious agenda’s via the deep state’s tentacled hierarchy. These dark and light Nazi wizards have been used to aid in the deep state’s infiltration into virtually everything you can think of as it relates to modern infrastructure to include:

  • The mainstream media (operation/project Mockingbird)
  • Big tech (The Secret Space Program)
  • The Big Pharma cartel (Vaccination programs, much of western medicine)
  • Government (the Left and the Right) and much more.

Fear not, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. The shadow war is being waged before our very eyes, yes, but the light is winning and winning big. Whilst there’s work to and the DS is still very dangerous, the alliance has them by the short and curlies. Watch for some big names to fall into indictable territory VERY soon.

5. ‘The Plan’ & The Shadow War RIGHT NOW

Right now, as I write this, there wages a shadow war between The Alliance and the Deep State. The light and the dark. For Freedom and Control. Sounds like a Star Wars movie right? Wrong, it’s very real and to those with back channel intel sources and underground journalists who are watching closely, it’s incredible. Even to the average viewer with a few screws left, it’s pretty obvious now that something BIG is going on behind the scenes. You’d literally have to be nano’d, 5G’d or MK Ultra’d to not have an inkling. Behind the decaying veil of the mainstream media’s curtain, especially in the USA, I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is happening and it’s beginning to spill out onto the cobbled streets of public mind. You don’t have to like Trump but it is CRUCIAL that you know what he’s doing and WHY he’s doing it. That he’s been selected by military intelligence to spearhead the operation to oust this dark, now desperate control group. If this is news to you it’s OK but we’ve got some work to do. Stay with me…

“Planet Earth’s infrastructure has been very deliberately set up and infiltrated by a handful of extremely powerful people with the undeniable agenda to very subtly, a little by little approach to compound over decades, control the planet. And not for our benefit.”

Back in the 1950’s there was already being hatched ‘The Plan’ by a group of service to others officials in the military, government, intelligence agencies and more, embedded amongst the service to self deep state, that was notably a shadow coup to take down this dark agenda’d control group. Today they are commonly known as The Alliance. Whilst this will need a separate article, the crux of this plan was essentially an initiative to take down and break up MJ12, the Illuminati and the deep state. Back then, restoring the soon to be limited freedoms of humanity was already being covertly planned.  It’s difficult to know/research how this alliance group knew how significant the deep state’s infiltration across modern society would become but I have a sneaking suspicion that Project Looking Glass technology may have been used to play a part here. For more detailed info on Project Looking Glass, I HIGHLY recommend watching the following interviews with Dan Burisch and Bill Wood listed below respectively. I cannot find the original video of Bill Wood’s interview on Project Camelot, sorry Kerry!

Don’t take my word for ANY of this. I’m merely sharing the information I’ve researched, uncovered and assembled over the last decade and nearly 10,000 hours of study, to share with whomever it interests to also research. Turns out there’s tens of millions of you worldwide and growing everyday. At this time I have strong evidence and higher sources informing me that NOTHING can stop the light from winning. If you’ve watched both the above interviews, Timeline 1 is set and nothing can derail it. Love always wins is ever the concrete truth to me and hopefully to you. Thank you for your stalwart reading, we’re entering the final verse.

6. Seventeen: Q(anon)

Wait I thought Qanon was a dangerous conspiracy theory? I’m afraid not folks, that’s just what the controlled mainstream media will push you to believe and they are relying on you not doing any due diligence and research it. As they do with much. I have come to understand that Q is not only legitimate but now an important part of the Alliance information campaign. So what is Q? Before you go any further, I especially like Joe M’s video outlining, albeit a little dramatically, some of what I’m sharing here. Watch it HERE. I have come across a number of good descriptions of Q but this to the right, to date, takes my biscuit. To really get down in the dirt and unearth strong intel on ‘Q’ I would highly recommend you start following the following social media accounts: 

I would also re-iterate the importance of keeping a close eye on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos blog as there’s traditionally a healthy serving of accurate Q and alliance intel, from an apparent array of back channel sources. Q crept onto the scene in 2017 when a number of posts, somewhat cryptic in nature, signed as ‘Q’ began to appear on the since revamped, back door forum website, 8 Chan. After a number of events happening in real life not only began to align with Q’s prior postings (Q Proofs), Q began remarkably to predict them, notably, in a military intelligence style of communication. People started paying attention. In a short amount of time internet wizards and fellow anarchists from around the world in search of truth began dedicating night and day to decrypting these ‘Q Drops’ as they came in. Two years on and we have a deliciously salted smorgasbord of ‘Q Proofs’ and intelligence drops that have recently been proven to be emanating from the Department of Defence’s official servers. There are now certainly hundreds and likely thousands of examples of Trump being involved,  pushing the theory of Q’s drops being merely co-incidence and separate from the current administration as, beyond the realm of mathematical probability. If you keep an eye on Trump’s tweets and social media postings, there is (among many other markers) an unusual amount of reference to both the number 17 (17th letter of the alphabet) and fairly obvious photos with Q related items (see left and right above). I could upload, likely, over 500 photos alone into this post. You’re getting the idea.

Back when Q first arrived it was extremely subtle, you’d have to constantly have your ears pricked and eyes pealed to notice. The mainstream media noticeably refuses to ask Trump the question, ‘Who is Q?’ yet outwardly and quite regularly writes hit pieces depicting Q as a ‘dangerous conspiracy theory’. Trump rally’s that draw tens and tens of thousands of people demonstrate a voluminous amount of Q printed t-shirts and banners so it certainly hasn’t escaped the bought off mainstream media’s attention. From a journalistic perspective, confidently stating facts without adequate research is an inkling that you’re not actually reporting from investigation but from a script. Who’s writing the script? Remember operation Mockingbird? You’re getting it. There can be no doubt, even for the cleverest, housecoat donning debunkers, that Q is a legitimate intelligence operation. Nota bene; and a little tip – any mainstream media (or adjacent/related voice) casting any topic as a ‘conspiracy theory’ should immediately and thoroughly be researched as it’s very likely baring ripe fruits of truth. ALWAYS follow the money. Take that as you will, it’s just what I have found to be the case on my journey of discovery.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

There’s alot more to say in addition to the above but you’ve likely acquired a full tum by this point. I have yet to go into the Medical Industrial Complex (big pharma & the deep state infiltration), The Illuminati (yes very real and highly operational) Hollywood and the Music Industry, Big Tech (Bill Gates, Elon Must & more), The Federal Reserve and the world banking cartel and it’s origins. Deep Underground Military Bases. The Human Cloning Program. Etc etc etc. It’s deep guys and gals and I’ve gone dark enough today. Here’s the skinny; if you’re reading this for the first time; planet Earth’s infrastructure has been very deliberately set up and infiltrated by a handful of extremely powerful people with the undeniable agenda to very subtly, a little by little approach to compound over decades, control the planet. And not for our benefit. There’s an extremely interesting extra-terrestrial element (above) that’s about to come winging it’s way into the spotlight also. According to now countless insiders, three ET races in particular have been part of this New World Order with their own agendas and timelines. This varies from needing Earth humans for: food, genetic programs, trade/slavery and more. The story is old, very old, but in modern man’s history you should really start to research Hitler’s affiliation and treaty’s with the Grey’s and how much technology they gave to the Nazi’s. Check out the Nazi Bell (Die Glocke) (left) it’s a fascinating dig. Yes folks, this control group (deep state) have had help. Great lashings of it. And plenty not from terrestrial sources.

Now, if all this sounds a little far fetched, I understand. Those of us who pick the thread off the cotton yarn and begin unravelling, endure our own dark night of the soul and for some of us, it lasts a while. Take heart friend. If you’re reading this, you are the resistance. You are NOT alone. You are the light and let me tell you with some belief, we are winning. The light is winning. Momentum is with us and all it’s going to take to have the curtain flung back like your first vacation morning in a $4K a night AirBnb, is sharing your truths that you uncover through this article (and more) with others. Be skeptical but have an open mind. Find your place in this incredible great awakening and I, we, will see you down range, truth clutched in both hands on the front line in check mate channel, soon to walk on the beaches of victory of the light and into a golden age of humanity. Welcome to #thegreatawakening

David Sherjan
Western Canada

Hello my name is David and this is Above Duality! I use this platform to share my metaphysical thoughts and findings from across the world. Follow our daily updates and discover with me the essence of being!

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